On the top side of the carton

Product dimensions:
Size is 400x280x300mm or different dimensions.

Label dimensions:


Label position:
On the top side of the carton.


Technical specifications:
Performance:    25 Units/Min
Product speed:    ~20m/Min
Product transport:    automatic run


Type of Collamat:
Collamat NG 50 / 100 Z with Inkjet OR
(in the past) Collamat 9130 with dispensing edge and pneumatic hot printing unit.


Technical description Collamat 9130:
Dispensing speed:    0.5 - 40m/Min
Minimum Label length:    10mm
Labelling accuracy:    +/- 1.0mm
Passing with:    250mm


Description of the handling:
The product is transported automatically on a conveyor belt, detected by a goods scanning sensor and a label is automatically applied by the Collamat NG 50 / 100 Z (past solution C9130) on the top side of the packet.
The production date can be printed on the label by means of an Inkjet right before application.