Top side label



Product dimensions:

120x65x20mm or different dimensions.


Label dimensions:
100x50mm or different dimensions.


Label position:
On the top side of the product.


Technical specifications:
Performance:    45-90 Units/min
Product speed:    25 m/min
Product transport:    automatic run



Type of Collamat:
Collamat Etiprint Inline 50, applicator without magnet, conveyor belt for product transport.


Technical description:
Dispensing speed:    0.5 - 60m/min
Minimum label length:    10mm
Labelling accuracy:    +/- 1.0mm
Passing width:    100mm (Printer dependant)


Description of the handling:
The product is transported on a conveyor belt. The Collamat Etiprint Inline 50 prints and applies the labels on the top side of the product.
The Inline 50 module is necessary because of the high performance (90 units/min) and the low speed of the printer (for best print quality)
The labeller is vertically and horizontally adjustable.


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