Collamat® C6600

 Operational speed

 3-30 m/min (9,8 - 98 ft/min)

 Max. label width

 95 mm (3 ¾ in.) or 160 mm (6 ¼ in.)
 Labelling accuracy  ± 1 mm (1/25 in.)
 Min. label length
 10 mm (13/32 in.)
 Max label reel diameter
 250 mm (9 ¾ in.) or 350 mm (13 ¾ in.)

 Outputs: Signals for printer and error

 Inputs: Incremental encoder, goods scanner, end of label detection

 Settings  By potentiometers
 2-phase stepper motor

 115 / 230 V;  60 / 50 Hz;  138 VA

 Data hold switch for saving the labeling parameters

 Applicators  Spring loaded fl ap, fl ap with magnet, blow-on, tamp-on
 Version  Right or left
 Options  Side labeling kit, extended peel plate, pressure brushes, label end
 detection, digital control box, etc.
 Approbation  CE/GOST

All data are indicative and may be subject to alteration