From 1958 and into the future

Our experience of producing labelling machines goes way back. We launched our first products in 1958. We focused on the Swiss market with a strategy of „Swiss quality for the Swiss market“.

And the market quickly developed. The expansion of product labelling and later introduction of bar codes meant that the need for labelling solutions grew. What‘s more, it grew within every type of sector - even though different solutions were required. We have been able to develop those solutions, which means that a wide range of industry sectors buy their labelling solutions from Collamat.

The export market began to grow in 1960, clearing the way for export sales to a number of new countries.

Being close to the customer is important to us, which is why we have built up a network of dealers since 1960, which
ensures full support for customers regardless of where in the world we deliver. This is a strategy we intend to continue in the future. We have the same interests as our customers: Our products must be high quality, reliable and flexible. By meeting these three criteria, we help ensure our customers‘ revenues moving forward.



Long term relationships.

We are proud of delivering solutions to the same customers through many years.

In some cases we have done business with 3 generations.