Container labelling

The newly designed G10 system with Collamat 3610 gives you new options and variants for decorating various containers made of different materials which are also going to be decorated with self-adhesive labels.


Quick conversion times allow you to increase your production flexibility.  


The products are manually removed from the pallets, fed onto the table of the labelling device and fixed in place against a stopper.  


The two labels are dispensed on either side of the product. After removal, the labelled canisters are filled, sealed and affixed with a product and risks label.  


The correctly labelled products are then placed back on a pallet and are ready for shipping.  


With the different options and equipment, the G10 can reliably cover most requirements in the self-labelling sector.


Advantages / Customer benefits


Very quick fitting times, available quickly


Application of decoration, safety and information labels


Multi-page labels, Fix a Form, competitions, recipes, etc. can be processed without subsequent work


Highly accurate sticker placement of labels on the products  


Ideal for medium and large orders  


The system can be produced in a rust-proof version


Product input and output can also be automated

Technical specifications


Labels On rolls D=350mm, d=76mm / Internal or external winding possible
Output 5-15 units/min., depending on operator

With potentiometer for all relevant label parameters


Stepless adjustment with hand-wheels on top and perpendicular to the product

Scanning With individual light barriers, time delayed 
Accessories Supplied with customer-specific product recording lists, extensive machine documentation and training documentation
Option Mechanical scanning button for transparent information labels
Print variants    
Hot embossed printer, thermotransfer printer, for subsequent printing such as batch no. and expiry date