System F40 for cardboard boxes

The newly designed F40 system with Etiprint inline prints neutral self-adhesive labels and dispenses them directly onto the top corner of a cardboard box.  


Thanks to the wide range of applications, lots of different packaging formats can be processed without the inconvenience of format parts.  


A camera system is used to check that the labels are present and correct on the labelled products. Products with incorrect results are automatically rejected.  


The F40 system is built into complete production lines and forms an important element of a modern production system.


Advantages / Customer benefits

Very quick fitting times, available quickly  


Application of product labels with variable text input  


Simple user navigation using Siemens text display  


Highly accurate sticker placement of labels on the products


Guaranteed readability of all labels printed on and applied to the cardboard box


Label presence check with camera system and rejection station  


Ideal for small and large orders


Technical specifications


Labels On rolls D=350mm, d=76mm / Internal or external winding possible
Output 40 units/min., depending on packaging machine
Controls With control monitor for all relevant label parameters
Setup Stepless adjustment with hand-wheels on top and perpendicular to the product
Scanning With individual light barriers, can be switched from light to dark
Accessories Supplied with customer-specific product recording lists, extensive machine documentation and training documentation

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