/files/collamat/Collamat Labelling/2610-pict1.jpg?can=eLtwnd5UGzzZwMjQEBz6hhYW4PAvAId/EjAc84BGWLgYmJiYG1u6GRobmRkYEJVB0E3EGqOlRTm2SvppmTmpxfrJ_Tk5ibmJJfrOUIaCT2JSak5OZh7QxWaGBroFmcklhnpZBen0yVzAfFFUkJoHyxj6FGRHUIZCz49EZByc6QYAWOamLw==

Collamat® C2600 

The first step. This labeler is the first step to an automated labeling process.
Maximizing the production output and quality is obvious. High reliability is achieved by the simple and robust design.
Setting up the applicator on different lines and different products is simplest possible. Collamat® 2610 offers an ideal either for small productions of tests or for promotional Labeling in existing lines. And all at a very competitive price.

/files/collamat/Collamat Labelling/Coll4300_WEB.jpg?can=eLtwnd5UGzzZwMjQEBz6RoaQ8C8Ah38SMBzzgEZYuBiYmFi4OBpaGJlbWhgQlUHQTcQao6VFObZK_mmZOanF_sn5OTmJuYkl_s5QhoJPYlJqTk5mXjpYyMTYwCA_3NVJL6sgnT7ZC5gzigpS82BZQ5_CDAnKUug5koisgzPlAADNmqbl

Collamat® C4300

The all-round labeller. The Collamat® 4300 is the perfect solution for most of the standard applications. The Collamat® 4300 is compact, space-saving, easy to operate and offers a sufficient speed range for medium production capacity. The Collamat® 4300 is easy to operate, minimize the training and the change-over times.

As with all Collamat® models, the modularity allows for an easy and optimal integration into existing product lines as well as an easy configuration of the machine thanks to the customizable applicator systems.

Designed for semi or fully automated applications, the Collamat® 4300 offers the optimal solution for labeling smaller produces with demands to long lasting functionality, accuracy and reliability.

/files/collamat/Collamat Labelling/6600-pict1.jpg?can=eLtwnd5UGzzZwMjQEBz6hhYW4PAvAId/EjAc84BGWLgYmJhYOjo6GrmYO1sYEJVB0E3EGqOlRTm2SvppmTmpxfrJ_Tk5ibmJJfrOUIaCT2JSak5OZl66vpmZgYFuQWZyiaFeVkE6fTIXMF8UFaTmwTKGPgXZEZSh0PMjERkHZ7oBALwppnE=

Collamat® C6600 

Collamat® C 6600 is very easy to handle – the label pre-dispensing parameter and the label position on the product are adjustable independently from the dispensing speed. The data hold function additionally makes it possible to hold the set parameters and make the operator’s life easy. The ingenious Collamat® modular design makes the machine flexible and its integration into any production line easy. Our various applicator types make the Collamat® labellers even more flexible and easy to use for almost all types of product/application.

/files/collamat/Collamat Labelling/Coll7300_WEB.jpg?can=eLtwnd5UGzzZwMjQEBz6RmaQ8C8Ah38SMBzzgEZYuBiYGrgZOjq5uJi7GhgQlUHQTcQao6VFObZK_mmZOanF_sn5OTmJuYkl_s5QhoJPYlJqTk5mXjpYyNzYwCA_3NVJL6sgnT7ZC5gzigpS82BZQ5_CDAnKUug5koisgzPlAAAhq6cd

Collamat® C7300 

The universal. The Collamat® 7300 high performance labeller is the perfect solution for any standard application, even at high speeds or great throughput. The Collamat® 7300 can be used in all types of industries – from food and beverage, through pharmaceutical to storage and logistics. Owing to Its simple design and its mechanical ingeniousness keep the price to an optimal price/performance proportion. The machine is easy to operate (i.e. requires minimum training) and minimum change-over times.

The powerful motor allows for speeds up to 50 m/min (65ft/min), which matches the ones of most industrial lines. The Collamat® 7300 can therefore be easily integrated into production lines with prevailing high speeds and greater throughput demands.

The Collamat® 7300 is not only very compact and space-saving, but also easy to operate – as yet another example of our motto “Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability”.

Designed for fully automated applications, the Collamat® 7300 offers an optimal solution for labeling high throughput of goods with long-lasting functionality, accuracy and reliability

/files/collamat/Collamat Labelling/8600-pict1(2).jpg?can=eLtwnd5UGzzZwMjQEBz6hhYW4PAvAId/EjAc84BGWLgYmBq4uVoaupmZWRgYEJVB0E3EGqOlRTm2SvppmTmpxfrJ_Tk5ibmJJfrOUIaCT2JSak5OZl66voWZgYFuQWZyiaGGkaZeVkE6ffIXMGsUFaTmwfKGPgU5EpSn0LMkEXkHZ9IBADGHpt4=

Collamat® C8600 

The professional system. Called by the external control unit monitor, you get more freedom in your production.

The user-friendly menu structure, along with the memory option allows you to make product changes in no time and reliability.
Integrated monitoring functions facilitate the monitoring and optimization of the labelling process.
The Collamat® 8600 is your choice if you are looking for a labeller that offers flexibility, high performance, best accuracy and Swiss quality.


/files/collamat/Collamat Labelling/Collamat-9100FRIT.png?can=eLtwnd5UGzzZwMjQEBz6hpaQ2C4Ah38SMBzzgEZYuBi4OrmaGZsbubiaGhgQlUHQTcQao6VFObZK_mmZOanF_sn5OTmJuYkl_s5QhoJPYlJqTk5mXjpcSNcSmCjdgjxD9Ary0umTx4DZo6ggNQ_WP/QpyJWgfIWeLYnIPziTDwDWFqjw

Collamat® C9100

The Collamat® 9100 is a high performance labelling system for speeds up to 100 m/min (328 ft/min). Due to the modular concept adaptation to your specific requirements and production lines can be done with minimal effort. Robust design gives not just high stability to feed labels up to a width of 250 mm (9,84 in) but makes the system also able to work under rough conditions. With the special software, precision is guaranteed even in high speed mode. The Collamat® 9100 is your choice for demanding, high volume productions, and rough conditions.