20 FAQs for Collamat 3600 & 6600

Q1. How can I set the encoder ratio in a C6600? The roller diameter is 127mm and a 200 pulse encoder is used.

A1. The calculation process is described in the Technical Handbook C6600 chapter Incremental encoder. In this case a value of 1.99 mm will be OK. The speed can be fine adjusted with the speed potentiometer by ±10%.

Q2. Is it possible to use a local sensor for label scan on the C3100 & C6600? Is there something special to notice?

A2. Yes it is possible. A scanner with a NPN output is required. (PNP will not work.) The output must be active low when a label is under the scanner. NOTE: The TCY potentiometer will have no function.

Q3. In an older Collamat 6600 the traction unit often runs reverse. What is the cause?

A3. When the clutch set is worn out the parts stick together. This gives a reverse inpact to the belt inside and starts the motor to run reversly. Please exchange the felt disks of the clutch.

Q4. In a delayed predispensing application the predispensing speed is to slow. So the product speed cannot me matched. Is there a solution?

A4. Yes. There is a special firmware for higher predispensing speeds for delayed predispensing applications. The firmware version is called S1.011-2 and can regullary be ordered.

Q5. The stepper motor is very hot a while after power on. Is this normal?

A5. Yes this is normal. A stepper motor is all the time under power. Even when it is not turning. Otherwise it will not hold the paperweb in the correct position. The powerloss heats the motor up about 50°C higher than the ambient temperature.

Q6. Is it possible to extend the control potentiometers for a more confortable setting of a Collamat 6600 when labeling bootom up?

A6. Yes. There is a potentiometer print formerly used in the C8100. This print (Partnumber 5215.682.7 can extend the the control elements of the C6600 up to 3m. Use a 10 pole flatcable for the connections. The cable must be plugged into connector X103 on the dispenser board. NOTE: all potentiometers on the dispenser board must be set to its mid position and Data Hold to OFF position!

Q7. We have to label a transparent product. The Collamat 6600 sticks two labels to the product

A7. To suppress this switch the good suppression function on. The suppression time can be set with the position potentiometer. The setting is described in the Technical Handbook C6600.

Q8. While in side labelling the paperweb often drops down to the converyor. Is there any special gear to prevent this?

A8. For this problem we have a side labelling set.

Q9. Is there any documentation of the C3600 & C6600 available on disks?

A9. All Collamat handbooks are available in PDF (Adobe Acrobat files) format. In future time the documents can be downloaded from collamat.ch homepage. Today please ask for it on disk.

Q10. Can a C6600 be runned at a ambient temperature of minus 20°C? (Ice-house application)

A10. No. The minimal temperature is +5°C, the maximum temperature is +40°C.

Q11. Why does the C6600 not have a extra fan on the housing like the C6000.

A11. The motordriver technology used in the C6600 has a minimized power loss of the electronics. So overheating is not possible.

Q12. Why does the Collamat 6600 not perform the testmode when the DIL-switch TEST is activated.

A12. Please check the DIL-switch NS for beeing OFF. Otherwise the C6600 is switched for the function of a Nonstop Master.

Q13. Do I need a special program if I want to use incremental encoder with C6600?

A13. No special software is needed. A simple terminal software like Windows® TERMINAL.EXE will work fine. The setup dialog will be performed by the Collamat firmware. See also Technical Handbook C6600 chapter Testmode.

Q14. Does the C3600 & C6600 meet the CE regulations? How about UL?

A14. The C3600 & C6600 meet the CE regulations but not the UL regulations.

Q15. Can I connect a local product scanner to a Collamat 3600?

A15. You can connect every scanner with an NPN output to the C3600. The signal must be active low when a product is detected.

Q16. My C6600 fires everytime 3 labels on one GSC signal.

A16. Check the predispensing length. It must be shorter than the label length. Check the labelscanner for dust or ink coming from the labels. Check the TCY setting and the Data Hold switch.

Q17. With my Laptop computer I have no access to the Collamat 6600 test routines

A17. Switch on the TEST DIL-switch of the Collamat 6600. Connect a 10 pole cable from the RS232 connector of the C6600 to the RS232 connector of the laptop. Switch all power saving options of the laptop off (so the COM port is not deactivated) and turn first the laptop on and after booting up the terminal software turn the C6600 on.

Q18. Is it possible to perform multiple labelling with a C6600?

A18. Multiple labelling is only possible with an additional controller or PLC. The Collamat 8600 & 9100 does multiple labelling with the standart firmware.

Q19. Can I run a C3600 or C6600 slower than 3m/min?

A19. No this is not possible. The restriction is in the motordriver electronics where charged bootstrap capacitors are discharged when the stepping frequency drops below 150 Hz.

Q20. I have a C6600 to label 3mm long labels but the predispensin setting is very difficult.

A20. A special firmware S1.010 solves this problem. The software is not intended to use variable speed because the label stop position will be different at different speeds.